We believe the products we choose to enrich our immediate environment should have the least possible impact on the greater one around us.


At J. M. GENERALS we design, develop and collaborate on a collection of home decor and bath + body product essentials for conscious living. Our collections are inspired by a multitude of mediums and honed to a classic, pure and minimalist design philosophy. We thoughtfully source every component of our products, and produce in the USA where possible. 


Working closely with independent producers, farmers, makers and artisans, we encourage domestic industry and craftsmanship in the production of our collections. We are committed to ethical production practices, use of recycled materials, and domestic sourcing of the ingredients and components used in our products whenever possible.


Products available here are exclusive to J. M. GENERALS and distributed on our site without multiple mark-ups. This ensures the people we work with are compensated at a premium for their goods and services, assuring the ability to sustain their practices and livelihood while working with us on a collection that integrates design, technique, and sustainable values.


Our discovery of American Cashmere began as research into woolen mills to weave custom fabrics from American-produced fiber. We were surprised to find independent farms with cashmere-producing goats across the country. Our journey lead us to visit these farms whose goats come from some of the original breeding stock brought to the US. They boast quite a cosmopolitan heritage, with bloodlines tracing back to Australian, South American and Asian cashmere-producing goats. We were inspired by these farmers' utmost dedication to the quality of their cashmere, the ethical processing of their fiber, and the familial care of their animals.

J. M. GENERALS uses prime fiber for all our textile products combed from goats by hand, with a highly desired combination of fineness and loft. Working with this light and luxuriously soft American Cashmere fiber fills us and these happy goats with warm pride.


Jeffrey Monteiro is a New York based designer. He is the principal behind the design, concept, content and philosophy of J. M. GENERALS.