At J. M. GENERALS we design, develop and collaborate on a collection of products and essentials for conscious living. Our collections are inspired by a multitude of mediums and formed into a classic, pure and minimalist design philosophy. We thoughtfully source every component of our products, and produce our designs entirely in the USA. We believe that the products you choose to enrich your immediate environment should have the least possible impact on the greater one around us.  

Working closely with independent producers, farmers, makers and artisans, we encourage domestic industry and craftsmanship in the production of our collections. We are committed to responsible practices, use of recycled materials, and domestic sourcing of the all the ingredients and components in our products whenever possible.

Items in our online collection are exclusive to J. M. GENERALS and are distributed solely on the site, without traditional retail mark-ups. This ensures the people we work with are compensated at a premium for their goods and services, assuring their ability to sustain their practices while working with us on a collection that integrates design, technique, and sustainable values.


Jeffrey Monteiro is a New York based designer. He is the principal behind the design, concept, content and philosophy of J. M. GENERALS.